Despised Mourning is a Blackened Deathcore band from Quincy, IL who makes music for fans of Lorna Shore, Behemoth, Mental Cruelty, and heavy metal. Their vocalist was featured as one of the vocalists on the "Nylist 666" world record track and a 400 vocalist track called "Beyond Deviation 400".

The heavy underground eagerly anticipates the debut release from Despised Mourning as they announce the launch of their much-awaited EP, "Hail Nothingness," scheduled to hit the airwaves and digital platforms on March 22nd, 2024.

Following the success of their previous demo and electrifying performances across regional venues, Despised Mourning has captured the attention of heavy music aficionados with their distinctive blend of blackened deathcore. The EP promises an immersive journey into the band’s creative prowess and musical depth.

"Hail Nothingness" encapsulates Despised Mourning's evolution as artists, delivering a collection of 4 tracks (not counting the intro) that traverse emotive landscapes and showcase the band's signature sound. With huge vocal ranges, furiously groove-based drumming, and technically blistering riffs, each track is a testament to the band's dedication to pushing musical boundaries while resonating with heavy music audiences worldwide.

"Our sound has shifted a lot into a more deathcore direction, but I don't consider that a bad thing. We can't wait to share these tracks with our fans and people who've yet to hear us," expressed Krystian Thorne (vocalist)

The EP release on March 22nd, 2024, is a significant milestone for Despised Mourning, marking a new chapter in their musical journey. Fans can expect a multifaceted experience that encapsulates the essence of Despised Mourning's unique sonic identity.

The EP will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, providing fans worldwide the opportunity to immerse themselves in the band's latest musical offerings.

Drums - Travis Siwek
Bass - Paul Wilby
Vocals - Krystian Thorne
Guitar - Andrew Thompson
Guitar - Josh Henze

Hail Nothingness is out now!


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Welcome to The Void

“The spirit of the earth is primordial. It has existed before all life, and it's soul will remain long after the last things die. When you wander, lay upon the dirt and moss. If you listen carefully you will hear its voice longing. It's tortured heart begging for you to return to the earth and the Void from whence you came.”

Four spirits walked the earth alone long after their bodies were laid to rest, searching for a way to convey their stories from the Void in which they existed. These spirits felt such hollowness until their paths crossed in the infinitesimal gloom of death. They began sharing their blood-stained gospels of discontentment. Together, they started their journey anew with the purpose of shepherding wayward spirits. They have become the voice of the earth, ushering the newly dead to their final resting places while circumventing the purgatory of the Void.

So long, they traversed this otherworldly sepulcher. Soon their numbers began to dwindle and the four were now three. Long they searched the desolate wastes to find spirits like themselves and nearly had given in to despair and joined the mad undead that plagued the wastes. After what seemed like an eternity trudging through the murk hark they found not one, but two dwelling within the mire. Just when all seemed lost they responded to the forests call. Now, the five continue to meander through the desolate void to help return to the forest from whence we came. spawning a cult of spirits who sought an end to the torment there.

One of the two that had been taken on had only just been awakened to the call of The Void, but the Leshen accepted him with open arms and offered for him to learn the ways of those who walk within The Void. After a years passing within the cold dark he was unable to tell the tales and help gather the other ghosts along the Roads of Deprivation. Though the decisions to let him go from the service of the storytellers was a hard one, he was dismissed from the enclave and another more seasoned voice would rise from the darkness to meet the Mourners and share the stories of the dead as they move ever forward along the desolate pathways to an unknown end.